What we do

What we do?

BAG Healthcare is focused on identifying unmet needs in the healthcare space and providing solutions to such needs. Our journey as Students is to understand the complexities of Healthcare workflows and understand how clinical and non-clinical staff interact as well as Patient Engagement. Through this understanding of the complexities, we brainstorm on possible solutions using latest tools and technologies such as ML/AI. Then we focus on identifying a product-market fit by focusing on an unmet need that could solve the problem and for which Health organizations or consumers are willing to pay for such solution. Identifying product-market fit is crucial for the success of any product or service.
Here are the steps typically involved in this process:



By following these steps and continuously refining your product based on customer feedback and market insights, you can increase the likelihood of achieving product-market fit and building a successful business.


We actively participate in Pitch competitions across the nation, one recent example is the Blue Ocean challenge.