Onboarding Training...


Because Nurses need easy assimilation into hospitals.

✓   Allows nurses to do most onboarding training with one device

✓  Easily schedule training sessions for the physical portion

✓   This quick training allows for a fast and easy assimilation into hospitals.


Our Mission

B&G Healthcare aims to provide a quality solution to the long and expensive process of onboarding training for hospitals. Our solution helps make this process fast, easy, and affordable. We at B&G are committed to simplify the training process, because nurses need easy assimilation into hospitals. 

What B&G Will Do for You

Onboarding Training Anywhere.

Nurses now have access to quick and easy training with any device.

Quickly Schedule Physical Training Sessions.

For the physical training aspect of onboarding, nurses can painlessly schedule sessions.

Efficient Hospital Emergency System

We also offer a hospital emergency notification system to help not only increase awareness in the hospital, but to increase hospital efficiency.

Notifications to all

Our cutting-edge notification system is capable of sending notifications to everyone in and around the hospital.

Fast and simple onboarding